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Put your hand in my pocket
Tell me what's on my mind?!!
It's been so hard all summer
Without a partyline
When you talk through the motions
You get me high!
You control my emotions...
You control my life!

Every night I sit here all alone
No one ever calls on the phone
I'm out of touch...out of sight...
Waiting here for you
Waiting for my partyline to call

No one would take the time or trouble
To stop you when you were crying
I made you laugh instead
I helped you to forget
You were a lonely girl
In a lonely world...
Who liked to party!
Call me anytime!
Call the partyline!!

Every time you call
You play wit1h my imagination
You make believe you're here with me
You make my body stiff
You put my heart through palpitations
Every time that my partyline
Gives me a call
Let's go party
We can party on the partyline!!


I don't know why your kiss is bliss
I don't know why I can't resist
I don't know why I get so high on you!
How did a dream become reality?
How can one girl mean so much to me?
You got to hold me down...
Whenever you're around!

I'll always sing when you want a song
I'll make you laugh when the thrill is gone
Anything you want me to do...
I do 'cause I'm in love with you

I'll be the strongest link in your chain
I'll be your sun in the driving rain
Anything you want me to be...
As long as you're still in love with me!
I don't know why your kiss is bliss
I don't know why I can't resist
I don't know why I get so high on you!


When the party ends...when the night is over
You better let me drive you home
Don't go home alone!
Watching how the music makes you move inside your dress
I'll tell you one thing that I know
You're gonna love my stereo!

You sure do have exciting eyes
Why don't you give me one exciting night?
Don't make me feel bad
Don't make me feel sad
Can't you hear my heart is pounding?
Pounding like a jungle drum!
Who said love was fun!?!

When the party ends...why don't you come over!
We could use some privacy
Tell me you agree!
I'm waiting 'til you say what's going on inside your head
I'll tell you one thing that I know
I'm in a state of vertigo!!!


What a situation...changing around my life
I've been told I'm acting strange by some friends of mine
I take nothing...people think I'm getting high
I've got love chills crawling up and down my spine
I've got to set them straight!

I'm no wacko. In fact I'm ordinary
I'm not crazy. I'm in love
Put in shackles. Locked in solitary
I'm not crazy. I'm in love

It's not like me to be seen gettin' down in town
I've been celebrating...throwing my cash around
People watching say, "How do we stop this clown?"
They must wonder why I'm up when I'm usually down
I've got to set them straight!

I'm no sicko. I'm no mercenary
I'm not crazy. I'm in love
I've been shanghaied to this sanctuary
I'm not crazy. I'm in love

I'm not grumpy when I get up and greet the day
I'm so glad that I finally feel this way
I've got this grin that's plastered on my happy face
I wake her up and climb into her warm embrace

She says I'm the greatest lover...a Prince...a Sheik
She says I do all the right things
To her anatomy
She brings out the monster in me!
I'm not crazy - I'm in love!


Since your feelings got a little hurt
You've been trying hard not to cry
I can see the dam about to burst
Desperation hidden in your eyes
Do you think you'll ever be all right?
Could this finally be the end tonight?

Now that love has let you down
Now you'll never be the same
Now that love has let you down
Now you'll never feel the same
No one's gonna break your heart again
You're never gonna fall in love again!

So you throw away your memories
Still, it's hard to forget the past
Maybe it's time to trust your heart to me!?!
Or are you still convinced that love can't last?
Do you think you'll ever be all right?
Could this finally be the end tonight?


I've been watching you lose your grip
You've been taking some silly chances
You're acting like it's you against the world
Before you tear your hair out
Let me give you this little tip...
Stop acting like a little girl!

Did you wanna take a shot?
Did you think your gun was loaded?
You make too many big mistakes!
A little closer to the top means...
A little further from the bottom!
You can't live your life in a single day
Tell me that you're not gonna make
Too many big mistakes

I've been watching you lose control
I've been waiting for the right occasion
To tell you that I know what you're going through
Now, before you move to Russia
Before you're ready to give up
Stop acting like a little fool!

Break down!...oh no!!
Boys lie...boys are only human
Oh no...girls ignite their fire
Girls cry...boys forget about their feelings
Tears flow...you feel so insecure inside!
Boys try...I wanna understand it
Oh no...you never stick around long enough!
Girls sigh...your emotions turn to icicles
Don't go...you're gonna finally make the big mistake!

You can't give up on love
And expect the rest of the world
To love you
You can't do that!!


All the time you're laughing...ha!
You don't take life seriously
Your eyes are pornographic...oh yeah!
They make me feel delirious

Are you trying to arouse me?
I'm pretending you are
But if I let go of my imagination
Could I be going too far?

Make it last forever!
The way it is right now!
The way it is tonight!

Are your hands in motion?
I'm afraid to open my eyes
You've got a magic potion
You use it just to keep me high

Make tonight like a fantasy
Let's be wild like the animals!
Feel the calm of insanity
Make tonight into a miracle!
Make it last forever!!


Someone pulled the plug on the marquee lights
The greatest role you ever played
I fell in love with your face
I might have acted in haste
Breaking every heart that might get in the way
Making sure you reached the stars
There's no room at my place
Did it all go to waste?

Tell me...tell me what you're gonna do?
Now that no one's gonna stand beside you
Tell me are the rumors true
There's been so much talk and nothing said
Tell me where you're gonna go?
You've got nowhere left to hide inside you
Tell me...now that everybody knows
Your life has reached condition red!

Standing all alone 'cause you want it that way
A statue with a heart of stone
I'll take pictures of you
You're a girl I once knew
All the times you cried and left the tears on my cheek
All those times you lied to me!
I could see in your eyes
Condition Red in disguise!

Everyone says...
When you reach Condition Red
You might as well be dead
Condition Red!


I work from six to five
I run a power drive
Man against machine
Every day routine
Six to five
My mind is not alive!
From six to five!!

The machines become like music
Vibrating through the floor
They try to make me happy
They only bring me down!
From six to five
My mind is not alive!
So I listen to the machines
They try to make me happy
But my mind...my mind...

My mind is hypnotized
My mind is paralyzed
My mind is neutralized
My mind is victimized
Six to five
My mind is not alive
From six to five


Work 'til I drop, everyday on the job
I sweat bullets 'til the hands on the clock
Say it's over
it's hard to stay sober
I stop for a beer and a look at the girls
Driving home I watch the rest of the world
Stuck in traffic
You've got to pay a toll at the booth
To get away from the city!

Hey! I need a break in my life
I need a vacation!
I say oh! I'm gonna go out on strike
I want a vacation!
Everybody wants to fly through the night
Everybody wants to find Paradise
Take a ship across the ocean
Take my swimsuit and suntan lotion

Travel section in the Sunday Times is
Filled with places that could someday be mine
To discover...people go there to recover
Fantasize that I'm out on the beach
So far away that I'll never be reached
What's the hurry? Tell me who's gonna cry?
Tell me who's gonna worry!

Take a train into the mountains
Send a postcard to my best friend...
"Wish you were here!"

I feel the heat wave climb to ninety-nine
There's no relief in sight, so says the weatherman
I don't want to go to work 'til it's wintertime
I need to pull my life out of the frying pan!
And those hot and muggy nights...
I think by now you understand!

You better take me to the station
I'm gonna take a long vacation!!

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