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"What a situation changing around my life.
I've been told I'm acting strange by some friends of mine.
I've got love chills crawling up and down my spine.
People watching say, "How can we stop this clown?"
They must wonder why I'm up when I'm usually down.
I've got to set them straight!

I'm no wacko. In fact, I'm ordinary.
I'm not crazy. I'm in love!"

—from "I'm Not Crazy" by GW


Here is another very cool collection from hard-popster Geoff Westen. His newest CD, I'm Not Crazy, delivers the best '80s-tinged tracks that can be heard anywhere today. His daring combination of rock band and tek-naut go in one end of his music-making machine, and come out the other end as pop attacks that devastate your day with melodies that stick! You'll be wondering why you're still humming that chorus from "I Don't Know Why" when you turn off the lights at bedtime. It's veerry scary! This music doesn't stop when the lights go out!

On INC, Geoff continues to follow his own musical muse, fearlessly traversing the line between PowerPop and PowerPunk. The songs are drawn from observations made over the course of an eccentric, yet sophisticated life of the career artist and performer. Both reviewers and fans alike have responded to Westen's instinctive feel, traditional songwriting chops, catchy melodies and memorable hooks.

The common denominator on all the tracks is his integration of the gamut of music styles that he has performed over his career. This includes his curious production approach, where he paints his audio canvas with layers of music to create his "Wall of Pop" trademark sound revealing more colors, textures and flavors with each repeated listening. Making himself the central character in the songs rather than telling stories about other people is another distinct component of his songwriting.

Geoff has throttled down on the driving tracks, "Vacation" and "Partyline." He's created one of his patented tearjerkers with "Love Has Let You Down." "I Don't Know Why" and "Make It Last Forever" sound like pop song standards. Check out that little guitar solo in "Xciting Eyes." We've all had a friend who was going to go over the edge - someone who entered "Condition Red." And "Work Work" - what can you say? We all do it. Most of us hate it!

Westen's first two songs albums anointed him a Power Pop artist supreme. The Pigs - OINK! and Vidiots - Tune In!! showcased his dark humor and sarcasm, and affirmed his position as a hardpop specialist. Three other CDs recorded under the pseudonym, Digital Activity, explore uncharted instrumental territory, creating a Rock Ambient hybrid on his albums, BIRTH, ACTIVATE and his Xmas anthology, XMAS VOL. 1.

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Producer: Geoff Westen
Engineer: Geoff Westen
Recorded at: Disturbing Studios
Mixed at: Disturbing Studios
Mastered by: The Finalizer
Most Instruments: GW
Drum Programming: Dennis Conway
Music Advisor: Jean Louis
BG Vocals: Everyone who stopped by
Concept and Design: Oz Studios
Photography: Disturbing Media
Artist Representation: Manic Strategies
Public Relations: PRP/818-766-0443


The look. You can recognize it from a mile away. This poor guy has been tagged a nut job just because he fell in love. That blank look of confusion. Strait jackets, fear, screams…and then the calm of insanity. What? A package that says all that?! Oz Studios says "Whoa Yeah!!."

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01. Partyline
02. I Don't Know Why
03. Xciting Eyes
04. I'm Not Crazy
05. Love Has Let You Down
06. The Big Mistake
07. Make It Last Forever
08. Condition Red
09. Work Work
10. Vacation


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