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Geoff Westen - I'm Not Crazy

"I always look forward to a new Geoff Westen disc showing up. I'm a big fan. His specialty is '80's Power/Punk/Pop, and he does it perfectly! It's tough for reviewers to get past their assumption that this music was recorded in the '80s and is being released to the world today. Far from it! If you explore Geoff's website you will find out that he is doing all this music TODAY. This new "I'm Not Crazy" release isn't old rehashed stuff.

To the outsider, Geoff's a bit retro. But hey, there are lots of folks out there that crave retro. I know because I fall into that category. I've been a follower of '80's pop-rock since back in the day, and when I hear Westen music - it takes me back to some good times - and brings back memories that make me feel good. It takes me to places that are familiar. Retro to me is "comfy cozy." I don't consider '80's pop an acquired taste. I think its DNA is inherent in all music since then - music is a continual hybrid of all that came before.

I'd have a harder time picking the weakest song rather than the strongest song. These songs are all sturdy compositions set inside driving, punctuated, colorful productions. The song stories are pretty common faire, but often told in a somewhat quirky way. The music is clean and easy to understand. In my opinion, he's not trying to re-invent '80's music, he is improving on the genre by showcasing some of it's stronger components.

If you're not into '80's pop - stay away from this CD! But if you want a lesson from one of the best, if you're into '80's Power/Punk/Pop, he's the guy. Nobody does it like Westen."
Cristin Charles Tarantula Music

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GEOFF WESTEN : I'm Not Crazy : CD

"When I first pressed play, I immediately heard a modern day The Cure or Depeche Mode. Nothing about the low budget packaging screamed new wave, so it was a pleasant surprise. I quickly scanned through the first few seconds of each track and everything was great: a voice reminiscent of Mark Mothersbaugh and dance-worthy beats.

Cuts like "Work Work" are everything I've ever wanted in synth pop — "I work 6-5, my mind is not alive" — sang over layers and layers of keyboards.

There is one thing of which I'm certain: if it was 1985 and John Cusack's latest movie needed a soundtrack, this would be a strong contender."
Nicole Madden Razorcake

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I'm Not Crazy Vid & Song - Freakin' Awesome

"New song from "hard-popster" Geoff Westen, featuring the dance moves of my current favorite movement maker on the planet, "JustSomeMotion." The song itself begins with what sounds like a sample from, or at least an homage to, Depeche Mode's "Master and Servant," definitely giving this song a rich, dark-80's vibe which it maintains throughout. Westen's voice is strong and distinctively his own, and I find it to be ever-so-slightly flavored with a certain David Byrne-sianism that lifts the mood of the tune up from darkness, into the realm of just freakin' Awesome."
TM Lipp Rome, Italy

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Geoff Westen - I'm Not Crazy

"I'm Not Crazy by power pop punkster Geoff Westen is a slice of hyper-real pop. We are learning to find the heart in the machines, even to love them. This is good news for musicians, making herky jerky post-punk synthpop, like you'll hear on Geoff Westen's I'm Not Crazy.

I'm Not Crazy is in the art/synth-pop/prog continuum...bearing some uncanny similarities to digital terrorists like The Residents. His eccentric stories are well-served by Westen's songwriting instincts - far more intricate and involved than your typical pop music, frequently crawling down chromatically, like sliding down the stairs on your face or featuring neon guitar solos in exotic modes.

Geoff Westen will have his stories heard, no matter what it takes. Being true to himself, Westen reminds us that programmers and academics can actually be cool, just by being ourselves."
J. SimpsonThe Equal Ground

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