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The Pigs "Oink!"

"The Pigs' 'Oink!' is a music lovers dream, brilliant song-writing, arrangements, and production that bring to mind the best of the 1980's, and the most purely entertaining and enjoyable release since the Scissor Sisters. This is exactly the type of release that the major labels are missing. Luckily, Geoff Westen (GW) and his latest project—The Pigs—are safe at home and surrounded by love at the very-indie 'Disturbing Music.' The Pigs' 'Oink!' is one of the finest examples OZ Beat has heard for tuning out Clear Channel, pissing on the Sony Building and supporting bands that matter.

The last thing OZ Beat was looking for in a new 2006 release was 80's retro. Haven't we been flooded with Franz Ferdinand, The Bravery, The Killers? Aren't we bored enough as Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys and their ilk dust off their coffins and return to the scene of their crimes for one final payday? 2005 was the year of the 80's revival. Some were better than others, but none of the 80's-influenced bands managed to awe us the way The Pigs have done on 'Oink!'

On the first few listens 'Oink!' may seem over-saturated with 80's retro. The influences are obvious. But a few listens later (and this release requires much more attention than it may at first seem) it becomes clear that 'Oink!' really isn't 80's revival at all, GW made sure of that. Instead it's a musical textbook on writing, arranging, production and releasing an instantly classic record. In the right hands, this album will be huge—rivaling the sales that the Scissor Sisters' debut achieved in the UK—the biggest selling album in the UK of 2004.

GW layers sound and provides some twists and turns that are worthy of the revolutionary first Roxy Music album. He throws in a theatrical delivery that rivals The Tubes at their peak. All this talk about bird flu...nothing in 2006 is going to be more infectious than The Pigs' 'Oink!'

This album will thrill anybody who lived through and loved the new-wave glam dance 1980s. For anybody who was too young to have experienced the 80's, and have learned to appreciate that period via Franz Ferdinand et al., this album is the real deal. For those of us that hated the new-wave 80's, this album challenges us to reconsider what that period may have sounded like if the releases had been as artistically and meticulously produced as 'Oink!'

In just the few days since OZ Beat received a promo of 'Oink!' we have had so many different takes on the album's many accomplishments. There is so much beneath the surface on this release. There is a glam component that is as breathtaking as listening to Ziggy Stardust for the first time. There is also the sneaky genius to every track. Not a song on this album will fail to satisfy those that yearn for the days of great pop songs—from any decade. At the same time, there is so much substance to the music that it is also the perfect album for those of us who love to find something new on an album every time we play it.

OZ Beat urges you to live on this album for a few days. You will see what we mean. The Pigs completely nail all that was good about music past; then they deliver it in a way that is destined to make 'Oink!' one of the most innovative and sensational releases of 2006.

Last year, TOD released 'Worlds Apart' in January. We predicted then that it would be among the top releases of the year. In fact, it was our top pick. The Pigs' 'Oink!' is another January surprise that will be near the top of our list come December.

We aren't even going to try to pick our favorites because there isn't a weak track anywhere. So our Media section has the first two tracks on 'Oink!' available for download. Take our word for it...it just gets better.

And, an OZ Beat prediction: bands throughout the world will be clamoring for GW to work his studio magic on their material once they hear this release.

OZ Beat's highest rating: MUSIC THAT MATTERS!"
Dem Hopkins Oz Beat Music

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The Pigs - Oink! - Disturbing Music

"'There's a little pig in all of us' proclaim the liner notes of this scrumptious neo-new wave collection. Commandeered by the quirky musings of Mr. Geoff Westen, this Pigs' poke is strictly 80s retro pop as synthesizers, electronic drums, and razor sharp guitars abound in every sleek mechanical cut. Westen's robotic croon resonates somewhere between Gary Numan and Rick Ocasek and will certainly conjure fine memories of those who remember the greed decade the first time around, and further appeal to the kids who yearn for the days when Franz Ferdinand's and OK Go's ancestors ruled the airwaves. 'Heartbreak Street,' 'Stand Back,' and 'Saturday Night' are infectious time capsules laden with anthemic hooks and a back-beat that rockers can dance to and dancers can rock to: which is what made the 80s so unique in the first place...The Pigs have a greatest hits album on their hooves. Oink brings home the bacon for those who still pine for Devo, Ultravox, Flock of Seagulls and their post-yuppie ilk."
Tom Semioli Amplifier Magazine

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The Pigs ~ Oink!

"There was a time in the early to mid-80s that many pop rock lovers claimed was the best era ever; Geoff Westen, front man and main driving force of The Pigs, must come from this train of thought.

In today's scene where there are so many 'me too' bands with the same downbeat approach, it's refreshing to find a band who seem genuinely happy to be alive and want everyone to feel that too. And what better way than with music inspired by the decade of day-glo happiness, for this is exactly what Oink! does to you – you can't help but be swept along with the joyous sounds on offer here.

Oink! assays the ears with not only some of the catchiest pop tunes around, but also some of the wittiest lyrics you'll hear this side of Weird Al Yankovic. Although opening track 'Saturday Night' is about a girl's suicidal tendencies after breaking up with her boyfriend, you can't fail to smile when Westen sings:

She's feeling bad, contemplating suicide
here I am looking at her number
I better call her up and tell her about the party Saturday night...

This is true throughout the whole album. Halfway through on the song 'I Don't Need It,' Westen talks of how

'Tonight is like a trigger in the hand of a child
the question is...is he gonna shoot?
I'm going home if he shoots...

Sheer genius.

When asked to describe his band's music, Westen has compared it to 'a wall of pop,' in tribute to the slickly produced recordings of Phil Spector. This is perhaps most evident on 'Sweetheart.' If this doesn't make you hanker for a high school slow dance, you must be dead.

And this is the beauty of Oink! – no matter if you're looking for a punky pop throwback, or a soul ballad album, or just downright escapism from everyday life, you'll find it and more right here for 54 glorious minutes. Who said Pigs were creatures to be avoided?."
Danny Brown Indie-Music

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2006: Year of The Pigs

"If you want a crash course in New Wave music, The Pigs are the '101' of that subject. They learned from the best: The Cars, The Tubes, Lena Lovich, Howard Jones, Thomas Dolby, Thompson Twins...the list goes on. The first track is reminiscent of Brian Eno circa 'Here Come The Warm Jets.' It's on the remix of 'Saturday Night' that you'll hear the really new wave influences. Geoff's chameleonic vocals twist and turn from Bryan Ferry to Ric Ocasek to Fee Waybill — you'd think there was more than one vocalist. Every track seems like he had so much fun recording it that you can't help but have fun listening to it. The songs are engineered more stylishly than most of what we have heard in recent years. Not since Jeff Lynn has anyone made such an effort to 'produce' a recording. Unique choices in arrangements are only one of the great things about this collection of songs. Catching you off guard, a snare drum slaps you in the left ear for an abrupt jolt. If you love Blondie, Talking Heads or any of the other bands I have mentioned, this is for YOU. This is one of those records that make you want to take the next day off of work so you can study it. I'm loving it."
T. Roth – Zen for Primates

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The Pigs "OINK!"

"The Pigs new album 'Oink' features Geoff Westen. The songwriting and instrumentation are equally good - each song has a tight arrangement that possesses catchy guitar and synth keyboard riffs. 'Saturday Night' sounds like it fell off the Cars' 'Heartbeat City' album. The production is sleek and clean, especially nice is the tune 'Heartbreak Street' which sounds like a Todd Rundgren-styled tune that borrows a bit from his 'Healing' era. This fits really well, as Todd himself is now the leader of the New Cars and there is an overlap of influences. Alot of nice synth work and guitar on 'Doesn't Anyone?' a catchy tune which asks the listener 'Doesn't anyone love me tonight?' 'Beat Me Up' has a rotating chorus that allows for some nice solo guitar work. The album includes two bonus tracks - alternate versions of 'Heartbreak Street' and 'Saturday Night' The group is a talented bunch and if you harbor any love of 80's era rock and roll you will want to pick this album up. There are no real weak tracks on the album and after a few listens this will become a favorite!"
Aaron Kupferberg Powerpopaholic

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The Pigs - OINK!

"Oink! Oink! This is a great retro sounding band. When I first requested to review this band I expected something along the lines of The Things, The Bananas or Nuclear Wastes. What I got was a cross between The Cars and The Epoxies. This definitely was not what I expected, but was a delight none the less.

I wound up listening to the album for an entire Sunday afternoon. Songs like 'Paradise,' 'I'm Sick' and 'Oh Girl' all sound like they belong in 1986, but fit great in 2006. I admit that I miss X, The Cars and Pigeon Project, but with bands like The Pigs, I know I can get my 80's fix in 06'. Oink! Oink!"
Jason Pepe – Zero Magazine

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The Pigs - Oink! - Disturbing Music

"I thought the crest of this new, new wave had already passed, but The Pigs are showing me things a little differently. 'Saturday Night' is not a re-make of the old Bay City Rollers' tune; rather, it sounds like it belongs on a The Cars CD, or anything fronted by Ric Ocasek. 'Stand Back' contains the herky-jerky vocals of a Talking Heads tune, and the album overall is very polished with memorable hooks and very little filler. That's a big thing these days: people need a driving reason to actually want to buy a whole album, and Oink! delivers in that arena...anyone looking for an essential element for their Next Wave collection simply must add Oink! to their lineup."
JD Hybrid Magazine

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The Pigs - Oink!

"Man, this is FUN and very cool! Right from the start, the lead off track 'Saturday Night', you know where The Pigs are coming from. Where's that? Play the tracks (below) and see if you don't hear 'Shake It Up'-era from The Cars or not. For the more obscure oldsters (and cool ones at that!), Human Sexual Response. Definitely some classic Devo and Thomas Dolby, too! How about Mental As Anything or Phil Judd-era Split Enz. How about "Whomp That Sucker!"-era Sparks? Well, like we said – COOL. Extremely Highly Recommended, oh yeah!"
– NotLame.com

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The Pigs - Oink! (Disturbing Music)

"Attention all Cars fans! Forget that sham that is the 'new Cars.' I have something that will give you your fair share of quirky, synth soaked power pop fun...May I present to you 'Oink' by The Pigs. The brainchild of Geoff Westen, 'Oink' is a total and complete guilty pleasure from beginning to end. 'Oink' has enough cool studio production tricks and catchy hooks to make you think of The Cars drinking with Devo in a parking lot. Certainly a CD that requires multiple listens and a good sense of playfullness. 'Oink' by The Pigs smells like pure pop fun. I like it."
Mark – The Rock and Roll Report

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The Pigs - Oink!

"I love the 80s and this CD has really reminded of the 80s and the early 90s, and the musical influence this era had on a nation. I am taken back to multi colored outfits and punk hairdos. Oink! reminds me of classics such as Jessie's Girl and I feel a little hint of David Bowie. You could almost guess whom their musical influences were and are. Their songs Saturday Night (1) and HB Street (12) are very catchy and should become favorites amongst us who love Punk, Rock, and Pop music. The Pigs have mixed Pop with Punk and come out with a sound of its own, especially for this time when hip hop and pop songs are taking up the airways. The lyrics and vocals are great and the instrumentals, you can make out the drums, bass guitar, and the keyboard. It's what music used to be...fun and exciting and not just about the artist. The CD is definitely for the audience."
Erika Ellis The Celebrity Cafe

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The Pigs - Oink!

"(Geoff) Westen is the brains behind the mostly one-man band The Pigs, whose upcoming release, Oink!, is 54 minutes of ham-metaphor-laden power pop. Oink!, however, is no cautionary tale. There's a little pig in all of us, the liner notes read. Be a pig and be proud.

Truth be told, there's a little more to this record than its not-so-subtle thematic content...Oink! serves as a showcase for Westen's ability behind the scenes as a producer, utilizing a myriad of hardware and software combinations to create what he calls his 'wall of pop' sound.

The album's opener, 'Saturday Night,' is straightforward power pop that sets the tone. Heavy on the synth bass and chugging, fuzzed-out guitar, Westen drives toward a deliberate and rather formulaic hook in each song, and leads the way with a vocal delivery that ranges from a crooning David Byrne to a hiccupping Mark Mothersbaugh. The polished, upbeat call-to-party songs, such as 'Saturday Night' and 'I'm Sick,' are the album's strengths."
Erik Price Pittsburgh City Paper

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The Pigs - Oink!

"'Saturday Night' throws you back to the glorious days of great '80s pop-rock by the Talking Heads while 'Sweetheart' is a great ballad. The Pigs oink their way through very catchy pop hooks with a determined look back at the '80s. Geoff Westen is a bit of an eclectic front man with lyrics that range in topics. If you're looking for a nice pop album to fill a need for quirky power pop, then I suggest 'Oink!'"
J-Sin Smother Magazine

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The Pigs

"'When you lift the disc out of its case, you'll see this message: There's a little Pig in all of us. Apparently, there's a little of all of us in The Pigs, as well. 'Oink!,' which will be released Tuesday, is an assortment of songs with an impressive number of influences. The music suggests such artists as Depeche Mode, Blondie and Pink Floyd, among others. 'Sweetheart' would be perfectly at home on Bryan Ferry's 'Slave to Love' while 'I'm Sick' has a David Byrne-Talking Heads stamp on it. The album's 12 tracks are densely layered, intricately arranged and expertly produced. Each listening reveals pleasant surprises - the subtle bass picking of Eric Gotthelf on 'I Don't Need It' or the fluttery musical intro that returns in the backup vocals on 'Beat Me Up,' for example. Songwriter-guitarist-and chief Pig Geoff Westen is a bit more '80s retro than necessary here, but he has crafted an album of instantly satisfying power pop that is simultaneously new and familiar-sounding. "
Jim Carnes Sacramento Bee

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The Pigs: Oink!

"Feeling nostalgic for 80's pop music, but too sick to put on that that Cars album again? Try the Pigs, OINK! [Disturbing Music] who are eerily original, for sounding like a blast from the past...The lead singer, Geoff Westen, has vocals that are a dead ringer for David Byrne's, and in fact, the Pigs' song structures are much like those of the Talking Heads, pre-Green Peace. The first song, 'Saturday Night,' starts off the record with intense keyboards and Westen's dreamy, sing-song voice shouting about girls and their boyfriends. Another song to mention is 'I'm Sick,' which seems to be Geoff Westen's leave-me-alone song on the album and it kicks ass. If this band came out twenty years ago, it would be an instant classic...they're talented as hell and their songs are just too catchy to ignore. The Pigs truly deserve to have at least one of their songs on everyone's i-Pod."
Mike Dague St. Louis NightTimes

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The Pigs – Oink!

"THE PIGS send their happy-go-lucky release 'Oink!' Imagine Cheap Trick meets Oingo Boingo on their way over to Brian Eno's flat for a night of beer drinking and lawn darts. If your into devolution this one's all you."
Starr Tucker – New York Waste

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THE PIGS-OINK! Disturbing Music

"This was an oddity of sorts with their Mark Motherbaugh (yes, that is a DEVO reference) vocals and funky THE REPLACEMENTS hooks. The jury was out for a while on this one but after further inspection it was decided that the music was fun, semi-trite and heavy on instrumentation. While it was heavily rock based, the CD did venture into other musical genres without becoming messy and incoherent. On occasion there were 80's grooves and even some arena rock adventures that made for an intriguing listen. They won't knock your socks off or persuade you to proclaim them as the messiah but out of curiosity alone, you will revisit the record time and again."
Brodie Holmen East Coast Romper

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The Pigs - Oink!

"Welcome back to...a mix between The Talking Heads and The Cars, and you'll get a pretty good idea of what The Pigs sound like. They're quirky, nerdy, and they like their guitar pop served with a heavy dose of synthesizer...The songwriting also lives up to this pedigree...the songs have a freshness which makes them just as viable in this post-post-New Wave era of music we find ourselves in today."
Mish Mash Indie Music Reviews

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The Pigs: Oink! (CD on Disturbing Music)

"This CD from 2005 offers 54 minutes of straight ahead rock...(from) versatile mainman Geoff Westen.

Remember Eighties rock that expressed simple sentiments with kick ass rhythms and strong riffs? Well, the Pigs are bringing it back...this music dwells in an indie region of wide appeal, designed for audiences who spurn popular music but seek straight ahead rock devoid of any political undercurrents or Hollywood movie tie-ins.

Solid drumming supports slick guitar licks and thumping basslines. Toss in a little sax to give it some sparkle. The lead vocals are rich and emphatic, and the backing vocals provide a choral tint that makes it all very appealing.

The tunes are tight little pieces that possess vibrant luster and catchy riffs. Dealing with human distractions like love and parties and loneliness, the charm is universal and undiluted by artificial flash. The music is hearty and direct.

Fans of Sparks or Polyrock shorn of all the quirkiness will enjoy this music."
Matt Howarth Sonic Curiosity

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The Pigs – Oink!

Geoff Westen and his stinky Pigs uncouthly depart from the sty to commence their unashamed revelry with a supreme blend of retro power pop rock. Partying fuckin' hard is the manifesto here. Daringly and unapologetically nutty, these pop supremacists can leave one instantly feeling exhausted before the fun's even started!

This release from the Pigs sounds definitively 80s new wave but a glimpse under the surface reveals varying layers of distinctively intricate instrumental talent. Something fresh will be discovered on each listen. The common foundation on all the tracks is an eccentric and eclectic blend of inspiring and chaotic pop.

The opener 'Saturday Night' is a bursting charade of sweet synths, rock pop beats littered with rude saxophones. 'Paradise' quickly ensues and takes a page straight out of the Talking Heads book. Its warm retro fuzz, half time changes and melodic guitar solo are rampantly cheerful!

'Sweetheart' is a top pop pseudo ballad, although the phone sample at the beginning drags a little longer than it should. They have a successful grasp on how to playfully do your nut in but perhaps this extended moment of calm offers us a mild reprieve during the long haul party. As the record unfolds you breathlessly ponder what the hell they will throw at you next. Predictably unpredictable. The feverish pace and structure is wacky with intent.

This highly accomplished work churns out top tunes with enviable ease. Each track succeeds in being a complete individual. The first listen is likeable but each successive time hooks you deeper and harder. Be warned, as getting the Pigs out of your head may be an irksome and futile task. These bastards are partying professionals whose annoying and passionate sentiments conjure gratification from the listener in a multitude of ways. When one comes across something as solid as this, a true fan of music will allow genre preferences to just melt away...
Kiran the Killer Glitzine.net

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The Pigs – Oink!

Oink! is a joyous piece of pop music — layers of guitar, drums some sax and Geoff Westen's Cars (and others) reminiscent vocals. There are guitar breaks, spoken vocals, a female backing group on some tracks, teen angst, a few touches of electronica and overall a rollicking good time.
Jeremy Keens Ampersand Etcetera

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The Pigs – Oink!

"The Pigs is an American power pop group, (with) retro and rock elements. This is happy music which will appeal to young and old. The variation in music styles is very tasteful; the vocals are clear and the catchy melodies give 'Oink!' a sound which will attract (all) who loved the new wave pop songs of the 80s, younger people who are into power pop, or (those who) just like to listen to music that makes you smile.

'Oink!' is airy and energetic; sometimes more rock than pop that's for sure. Three words to describe this album are happy, eclectic and catchy. Every song is attractive and carefully chosen.

Hamirubi Coraz!ne

Corazine LogoSpacerBelgium Flag

The Pigs:Oink!

"Electronic power pop with distinctively 80's sounding vocals, hooks galore and catchy as hell..."
Shite 'n' Onions

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The Pigs - Oink! CD

"What would you (think) if you (got) a CD in the mail...the title...The Pigs...Oink!...well, I (thought) something like '1, 2, 3 hit me in the face Punk'n'Roll'. Now, I know that you can't judge a book by the cover AND the name of the band. This music is pure 80's Pop...no shit, this is like that New Wave stuff in the beginning of the eighties...ABC, Bowie, O.M.D., Bryan Ferry (especially in his Roxy Music times) etc....to be honest...I grew up in the 80's and somehow I dig the stuff of The Pigs, cause it's funny and after a while I was sitting in my apartment with a really 80's-like nodding and a bright smile on my face. Yes, maybe some of you will understand this and if you want a part of youth back...get this piece of instant adolescence...now....or....isn't there a PIG in all of us?!"
RB – Daredevil Magazine

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The Pigs 'Oink!' (Disturbing Music)

"Quirky early 80s US Radio Melodic Poprock a la The Cars is what we get to hear on the CD of the band THE PIGS. It does sound quite good. It definitely sounds different than anything else out there and if ever they would like to re-introduce the term Powerpop I guess THE PIGS is the best example, especially on songs like 'Paradise', 'Saturday Night' and 'Oh Girl'."
Gabor Fabian Strutter'zine

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The Pigs "Oink!"

"On his second (Disturbing Music) project, Pigs' leader, Geoff Westen shows us a different point of view and an excellent collection of contemporary power pop. This collection of eclectic tracks brings us from the '80s right up to today with a strong contagious energy. Whether it's the glam-rock of 'I'm Sick,' the punk of 'Beat Me Up,' or the rock ballad 'Sweetheart,' OINK! delivers them all for our pleasure. With (these) 10 titles and two bonus tracks, The Pigs will attract fans. The Pigs have created a solid project of new pop music that will certainly surprise everyone who thought that pop was dead. A native of California, Geoff Westen shows us that everything about Pigs is good."
Translated from French 6Bears

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