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"I love Pigs 'cause they remind me of MAN.
I know some Pigs that live in New York.
They eat, they sleep, they snort and they grunt.
I love the Pigs in LA. They overindulge. They waddle in greed...
Take more than they need. Of course, I'm a Pig too.
Be a Pig and be proud."
—from "I Love The Pigs" by THE PIGS


"Pigging out" is a favorite pastime for most of us. But leave it to Geoff Westen and THE PIGS to laugh AT themselves while they're doing it - and chuckle to themselves as they watch YOU do it! In fact, THE PIGS advocate an occasional act of repulsive behavior, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.

Be a Pig and be Proud!


OINK! is a first-rate collection of Power Pop gems and Geoff Westen's quirky and eclectic layer until it hurts approach to creating music is key to THE PIGS "Wall of Pop" sound.

Each song is like a musical skyscraper—built layer upon layer until the pinnacle is firmly fixed in place. You might not hear it all the first time around or the second; but that's what keeps it interesting. Every time you give it a listen you'll hear more of the colors, taste more of the flavors. It just keeps getting better and better.

Westen's lyrics are often deceptively simple love songs dressed up as tongue-in-cheek commentaries on romance. He amuses us with his observations and social commentaries about society today—in other words, the songs are about all of us - what we do and why we do it.

Guitar crunchers like "Saturday Night," "Paradise" and "I'm Sick" will rock your socks off, while the angst-driven rock ballad "Sweetheart" will break your heart. "I Don't Need It" and "Doesn't Anyone" take you on a quick departure to explore the nasty and cold "real-world" out there and pop-tinged tracks like "Oh Girl," and "Heartbreak Street" will stick with you all day long.

The Pigs—OINK! was Geoff Westen's first pop album on Disturbing Music. Also check out the Digital Activity albums Birth and Xmas Vol. 1, and his latest Power Punk collection, Vidiots—TUNE IN!!

We hope you enjoy all the sounds that THE PIGS make on this CD. The critics did. Read what they have to say about Oink! Read the PIGS Reviews.

Check out the LYRICS.

Who is this guy anyway? Go to Geoff Westen.

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Producer: Geoff Westen
Engineer: Richard Digby Smith
2nd Engineer: Anthony "Sarco" Della Rosa
Recorded at: Eldorado Recording Studio
Sunswept Recording Studio
The Pig Pen
Mixed at: Eldorado Recording Studio
Mastered by: Rudy Guess at Rude Stude
Guitars: Lewis Goldsmith
Jefferson Kewley
Keyboards: Paul Hertzog
Bass: Eric Gotthelf
Drums: Dennis Conway
Ed Tuduri
Sax: Richard Elliot
Phil Kensey
Percussion: Dennis Conway
BG Vocals: Colin Carter
Nina Conway
Eric Gotthelf
Ron Magness
Patti Mitsui
Concept and Design: Oz Studios
Production Assistants: Scott Davis
Cindy Jervey
Photography: Mitchell Rose Photography
Artist Representation: Manic Strategies
Public Relations: PRP/818-766-0443
Ron Magness appears courtesy of Towerbell Records (UK)
Dennis Conway appears courtesy of CBS Records
Richard Elliot appears courtesy of Jim Photoglow
Paul Hertzog appears courtesy of Shandi
Eric Gotthelf appears courtesy of Tonio K


Front snout to back butt, Oz Studios delivers the whole pig on this ingenious package concept. Can't figure out what's on the back cover? It was certainly obvious to us, but...oh well.

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01. Saturday Night
02. Paradise
03. Stand Back
04. Sweetheart
05. Heartbreak Street
06. I'm Sick
07. I Don't Need It
08. Oh Girl
09. Doesn't Anyone?
10. Beat Me Up

Bonus Tracks
11. SNAM-SaturDAY Mix
12. HB St-Lights Off Mix

The Pigs CD Tray - Inside The Pigs CD Tray - Outside

I've Got SC - The Video Graphic

Check out the video of I've Got SC that The Pigs
put together for the Peace For Xmas effort.

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