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You don't like to work, you don't like to sweat
You puff all day on funny cigarettes
In your room, all alone
You watch TV and unplug the phone
People sort of think that you're no damn good
You got no friends in the neighborhood
You don't go out, your eyes turn red
From sitting too close to the TV set!

Hey you! You better get started!
Don't you think it's time for starting over?
Hey you! You better get started!
Don't you think it's time you started over?

You don't like girls, they're all the same
You don't like girls playing funny games
Cry, cry, cry they even cry when they're happy
Girls in general make you feel so crappy!
People in the know say you're awfully strange
You'll never understand 'cause you'll never change
Try, try, try they try to avoid you
All in all they think you're pretty lame!

Don't you think it's time? Time to get a job?
Show the world that you belong
Show the world they've been so wrong
Oh, oh, oh. Don't it make you feel so low?
They don't know why you've gone bad
They don't know what goes on inside

It just doesn't look like you'll ever get ahead
'Cause you got no time to get out of bed
How you gonna live? How you gonna make it?
You can't keep sticking your head under the blanket!?

Hey you! You better get started!


She's so young, young and free
She's in love with me
You better smash a drum
Wake me up! This is just a dream
Soft and warm holding on to me
Should I take her home with me?
She's so young, young and free
She's in love with me

My heart's on stun
Anxiety...where it hurts so bad
My hands are numb
My clothes get tight
Where they should be slack
She's so young, young and free
She's In love with me
Why is she in love with me?

It's been fifty-five years
They disappear when she's in my arms
She says she doesn't care (she cares)
I'm a millionaire with a lonely heart
(I don't want to be lonely)
Soft and warm holding on to me
I better take her home with me
She's so young, young and free
She's in love with me
I'm a fool for giving in to fantasies
She's so young


There's a lightning storm raging through the window in my room
I hear a solitary angel sounding like the voice of doom
It's a bad night to be alone when all my friends are dead
"My body needs a place to moan and groan," is all she said

What I wanted, what I needed, what she gave me left a scar
You know, the problem is when I'm with her I can't let down my guard
'Cause there's always someone watching from the shadows in the dark
They're just waiting for a chance to drive a stanchion through my heart!

One day we'll unite
Live our life as one
One day we'll wake up
One day we'll have fun...

Where is there to go?
What is there to say?
Tell me how to live
Show me how to pray...

My life is like a river that's run up against a dam
There's no progress. There's recession
In fact, there is no master plan
It's a long highway to heaven with a million twists and turns
You and I are little children. Maybe someday we will learn...


You can't make a fool of me!

You've been hitting up on my girl
Makes me look bad
I lose control of my temper
I rip your face and wipe my hands!
I'll see you later
You've been notified.
You're gonna pay for this later
So don't you hide!

'Cause I'm an angry young man!
With some angry young thoughts!
I ain't no crybaby guy
I let my fists do the talk!

She's been dancing
I've been watching you watch her move
I don't want you to be here
I want to be with her alone
I'll see you later
You've been notified
So watch out!

I feel a rage inside
I'm gonna take it out on you
You can't apologize
It's too late for you!
You can't step between my lady and me
Without getting hurt!
You better think about that!

I'm an angry young man!


Got to clear my head, go out to a party
I want some fun, I'm gonna call the ActionMan
He will know 'cause he's so socially connected
I better call the girls! There's gonna be a party!

It's Saturday Night who cares about tomorrow?
Forget about depression
Saturday night action, man!

Sally's staying home, she broke up with her boyfriend
Feeling bad, contemplating suicide!
Here I am, looking at her number
I better call her up and tell her about the party!
Saturday Night!

Go out to a club, go out to a movie
Get in your car, go out and find the ActionMan!
He will know, he's so seriously connected
You better bring the girls 'cause there's gonna be a party!

Saturday Night!
Let's get some action, man!
'Cause we're going to a party!
Saturday Night!


It didn't take long for me to see
Some girls take boys too seriously
Some are hard, some are easy
Some are virgins, some are sleazy

Some of you girls don't know when to stop
Some of you girls get me too damn hot!
Some girls don't know right from wrong
Some girls won't be around here long

Some of you...some of you girls
I'm so scared, I keep running
Some of you girls!

Life used to be so plain and simple
I only had to deal with pimples
It didn't take long for me to see
Some girls make boys act stupidly

Some of you girls don't know when to stop
Some of you girls get me so damn hot!
My family says to play it straight
It's better not to participate

Some of you...some of you girls
I'm so scared, I keep running!


Tonight's so dark inside the car
You never let me go so far
I think you're gonna give in...
Tonight you're gonna live!

Your eyes say yes...You heart says no
I feel my blood begin to flow
Can't you move a little closer
And spread your lips apart?
Don't stop the kiss now!

Your arms are hungry with desire
Your breath is hot...Your skin perspires
Let me rearrange your lipstick
Let me touch your pounding heart!
Don't stop! Don't stop the kiss now!!

You used to push my touch away
I always wanted you to say
Some private part of you wants
A private part of me!

You seem to change so suddenly
Now you're surrendering to me
You say the waiting's over
And spread your lips apart
Don't stop! Don't stop the kiss now!!


I'm scared to be me. I don't want to be free
That's why I'm searching for love
I need to be kissed
Don't want to go on like this
Just searching for love night after night
I glance to my right. There you stand in the light
I feel lucky tonight. Searching for love

I was lost among the ruins of another lost night
You were caught out in the rain alone...
Searching for love
I was dreaming of you dreaming of me
Til we met how could we have known?
Searching for love

The time was right
We took a chance on love that night
No more crying
We found each other and loneliness faded away

Searching every place I know
Searching everywhere I go
Searching for love


Everybody knows women dominate
Everybody knows by now
Women dominate

How many times do I sit and pray?
Cause I don't like to feel this way
She takes me to the edge and leaves me there
She don't treat me fair and square

At night I'm an insomniac
How do I get my bebe back?
Off to Tokyo, Japan
Too many things I don't understand

Why is she gonna leave?
Where is she gonna go?
Who's gonna take care of her?
Walking in the dead of night
Searching for the guiding light
She emanates!

Men all over wonder why
Women dominate their lives!
Everybody knows
Women dominate their lives!

Can I believe what she says to me?
Can I give her my destiny?
Down on my knees again I pray
The Lord won't let her go away

And God says I shouldn't interfere
'Cause all of her roads lead back here
And as I listen to my radio...
So many thing that I want to know

Stop and listen. I can't forget her
Eat a sandwich and read her letter


I don't care why you want another.
I don't care what she's like
I don't want problems in the future
I just want to know that I'm all right
You say she loves you like a sister
You say she's close to you
Your eyes lie when I ask about her
Your eyes shine when she touches you
Is she your friend? Is she your lover?
You say one while I say the other

I might try and see if something happens
I might try if you want me to
Then I'll know if she can make it better
Then I'll know if what they say is true
I might try a strange arrangement
I might like how she feels to me
If I break down and let it happen
I'll satisfy my curiosity

Does she know how I feel about girls in love?
Does she know it's all right with me?
Does she like the boys?
Does she bring them joy?
Does she like to play with their toys?
Just don't leave me out of your hot sex fun!
Let her spend the night
I want to see if she's your lover!!

I should have known. I should have seen the changes
Who would have thought your love was incomplete?
I should have known, I should have seen it coming
That you were up and down a two-way street
I know every time I wanted you, you wanted her too!
Your eyes lie when I ask about it
Your eyes shine when she touches you!

I don't care if she's your friend or she's your lover
I can't give up one without giving up the other
I don't care. Is she your friend? Is she your lover?
Won't you please stop telling me one
When you really mean the other!

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