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"You don't like to work. You don't like to sweat.
You puff all day on funny cigarettes.
In your room all alone. You watch TV and unplug the phone.
People sort of think that you're no damn good.
You got no friends in the neighborhood.
You don't go out. Your eyes turn red
From sitting too close to the TV set."

—from "Better Get Started" by GW

Vidiot (n.) definition: a sub-human, barely alive zombie who zones out in front of the tube for weeks on end, vegges out and manifests a fierce "leave me alone" attitude; differentiated from a Couch Potato who zones out in front of the tube but is actually aware of what he's watching.

Geoff Westen was the original Vidiot. "After the last band I was in broke up (for some stupid reason), I hibernated, propped myself up in front of the monitor and sort of dropped out. The song 'Better Get Started' was a self-motivating message." After writing it, Geoff SHUT DOWN the TV, WOKE UP, and began to TUNE IN!! to his life again. It worked like a charm.


Reconnected and re-energized, Geoff dove back into his head and emerged with the Power Punk tunes-de-force that became VIDIOTS—Tune In!! The songs take advantage of Westen's signature Wall of Pop production style in a top-notch collection of songs you can't shake out of your head.

VIDIOTS—Tune In!! is the follow-up to The Pigs—OINK! Geoff's breakthrough Power Pop album that was listed by Hybrid Magazine as one their "Up and Coming Favorites," and was named one of the "Top 25 Indie CDs" by Reviewers and fans alike responded to Westen's neo-wave sound, citing influences from the '80s to the present.

Westen delivers screaming guitars and a driving track that rocks "Better Get Started," the opening anthem for Vidiots everywhere. Geoff kicks it up a notch on the thumping tracks "Angry Young Man" and "Don't Stop The Kiss." Awesome funky-chunky wah wah guitars in "Action Man." And no one tells a more tender love story than the softer side of Westen on the ballads "She's So Young" and "Searching For Love." The album is very danceable all the way through, especially on the techno-tinged songs "Together" and "Some Of You Girls," with their loops and intense synth solos. Plenty of Westenisms abound on VIDIOTS-TUNE IN!!

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VIDIOTS—Tune In!!, is Geoff Westen's fourth album on his Disturbing Music label. Check out the Power Pop CD The Pigs—OINK!, and the Digital Activity opuses Birth and Xmas Vol. 1.

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Producer: Geoff Westen
Engineer: Jon Gass
Recorded at: Disturbing Studios
Mixed at: Disturbing Studios
Mastered by: The Finalizer
Guitars: Lewis Goldsmith
Davey Johnstone
Jefferson Kewley
Keyboards: GW
Drum Programming: Dennis Conway
Horns: Richard Elliot
Heart Attack Horns
Percussion: Dennis Conway
BG Vocals: Everyone who stopped by
Concept and Design: Oz Studios
Photography: Disturbing Media
Artist Representation: Manic Strategies
Public Relations: PRP/818-766-0443


What are a Vidiot's two most important tools? The screen and the remote (how very simple are a Vidiot's needs!) You see, a true Vidiot wants to see the world as he'd like it to be - not how it really is. So Oz Studio's concept depicts living INSIDE a TV World as the optimum Vidiot place to be...or is it?

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01. Better Get Started
02. She's So Young
03. Together
04. Angry Young Man
05. Action Man
06. Some Of You Girls
07. Don't Stop The Kiss
08. Searching For Love
09. Women Dominate
10. Friend or Lover?

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