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Geoff Westen - Vidiots - Tune In!!

"Geoff Westen is a decorated musician who has worked with countless big names in the business throughout his career. At one point, he even owned his own recording studio where he worked with greats like Bowie, Iggy Pop, Dr. John and so on. When asked about artists similar to him, Westen has responded, "I understand why people want to compare you to some other artist or band as a point of reference, but it really gets ridiculous. If I showed you the list of 'whom Geoff sounds like,' you would be amazed. It's a diverse group ranging from Oingo Boingo to The Killers to Chromeo. Wow! But, I'm not griping about it. It's great that everyone hears something different. It means if you're into rock 'n roll, you should be able to find something you like about my music - and that's what I'm striving for." I'll have to agree with Geoff Westen on that. Though I certainly drew a few comparisons myself while listening to Vidiots Tune In!, Westen definitely brings something different and unique with this 80s-sounding power pop album.

My favorite song from the album is probably the kick-off track "Better Get Started". The energy of the track immediately lifts my mood and makes me tap my feet and bob my head along while driving. I noticed that a lot of the songs in this collection elicit a physical response from the listener. "Action Man" is a song that you would expect to hear in any John Hughes movie, as it would fit in seamlessly. "Searching for Love" is a ballad that most single adults on the quest for true romance can connect with and relate to. This album really has it all; the quick, up-beat numbers, ballads, the haunting tracks, and a little bit of rock mixed in. It managed to keep me intrigued throughout the entire ride.

Geoff Westen's Vidiots Tune In! is much different than the majority of the music that the user base of this website listens to. However, to be fair, this album is much different than what anyone is listening to in this day and age, and that is what I really like about it. It is a fresh twist on an old style, and Westen has discovered how to do it perfectly. If you enjoy 80s music, power pop, or are just looking to expand your musical horizons, I would certainly suggest looking into the album. For better or worse, it will certainly introduce you to something completely new."
Jess Stereo Killer

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Geoff Westen - Vidiots - Tune In!!

"Geoff Westen's "Vidiots--Tune In" is a record that...successfully emulates and repackages 80s power pop. If that sounds like your bag, put the top down on your LeBaron convertible, press play and blast away.

All the elements are there; the blistering guitar solo on "Better Get Started," the echo-ladened lamenting on "She's So Young," the Devo inspirited rhythm on "Don't Stop The Kiss." What makes this record great is it's unflinching dedication to polish. Not one song on the record will make the listener wonder why it was included.

Some standouts: "Angry Young Men," a harder edged-punk inspired ditty about...well angry young men. "Action Man" is an upbeat party tune, focusing on heading out Saturday nights and "forgetting about depression." This song reminds me of the band Squeeze in that you have heard their songs hundreds of times and danced along to them, but most of their hits have some really sad themes (Up the Junction.)

There are some oddballs like "Women Dominate," an insecure ode to the heartbreak and trials of love set over haunting synth and Together, a frenetic, paranoid call to arms. Overall, Geoff Westen took a style of music that is a bit dusty, and produced a catchy, accessible LP that, like pointillism in art, is best appreciated a few feet back.

At first it was perplexing to hear an album like this. However, after giving the album multiple listens, I am convinced that Vidiots--Tune In settles on well-written love songs, with tongue firmly planted in cheek. I wouldn't call this retro or neo synth...but the album has really grown on me. It is the kind of record that comes along with no assumptions and brings a smile to your face. It stands as a testament to Westen's dedication to his music, as well as showcasing his multifaceted talent..."
Tom Kielty Chicks With Guns Magazine

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Geoff Westen .|: Vidiots Tune In!!

"Vidiots Tune In!! proves an era's aural trash is redeemable as a glistening neon-tinged treasure. Geoff demonstrates that it can be done with fantastic flair.

The artist's approach is pure. His obsessiveness guides his path. Every word, note and instrumental stab rumbles with vision and execution envisioned when I first played my dual tape deck. The production is masterful; its sheer absurdity perfectly balance(d) — particularly on "Better Get Started", "Angry Young Man" and "She's So Young"."
Adam Mico Ape Quake

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GEOFF WESTEN – Vidiots Tune In!!
Rating: 5 out of 5

"The Verdict
What makes Vidiots Tune In!! so interesting is that no one else is really performing this style of music anymore. It's refreshing to hear synths and effects working in harmony again...(and) it works on so many levels. You want something familiar that's been made new again? Check out Geoff Westen's latest.

The Good
"Better Get Started" is a synth-heavy rocker that recalls the early years of the video music era. Westen's vocals are smooth and a lot more melodic than anything Devo was churning out at the time. "She's So Young" uses a silly falsetto that somehow seems to work with the rest of the experimental material. "Together" has a dark and somewhat haunting feel to it. "Action Man" could easily be inserted into your favorite 80s movie soundtrack, with it's electric guitar runs and smooth saxophone. "Some of You Girls" would make Thomas Dolby proud with its mix of effects and synths.

The Bad

George Dionne Rock Is Life

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Geoff Westen: Vidiots Tune In!!

"This release from 2008 offers 52 minutes of expansive rock music.

Best known as the mastermind behind the Pigs, Westen is joined on this recording by: Dennis Conway, Richard Elliot, Lewis Goldsmith, Heart Attack Horns, Davey Johnstone, Jefferson Kewley, Shandi, and Dallas Smith.

Searing guitars, pummeling drums, glistening electronics and urgent vocals produce tuneage that often sound as if the Tubes were revived and shorn of their silliness to achieve a wry seriousness.

The guitars belt out riffs of glorious authority, dragging arena rock indoors for some sober creativity.

The percussion is forceful and lively. These rhythms support the music with driving stamina, delivering tempos of attractive appeal and feet-stirring quality.

The electronics are versatile; sometimes crisp and sparkling, other times dense and darkly ponderous. Either way, they act as subtle glue connecting the rest of the instruments into a gripping coalescence.

The vocals are articulate and accessible--although their lyrical content is invariably contrary to commercial directives. Never preachy, the vocals urge the listener to cast off the shackles of the media and seek fulfillment with other people.

These compositions are slick and engaging, delivering melodies that captivate as they assail, offering messages that warn the couch potato generation to get off their butts and discover the magic of interactive life. The enemy here is more than just television, anything that isolates individuals from each other is attacked with equal verve. The nice touch lies in the strong vibrancy of the tunes which are wrought with catchy hooks and bewitching rhythms."
Matt Howarth Sonic Curiosity

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Geoff Westen – Vidiots Tune – In!!

"An appropriate follow-up to the tight and poppy The Pigs - OINK! Nice dance numbers, and the horns on "Don't Stop the Kiss" are truly awesome!"
KH Stubble Music Magazine

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Geoff Westen – Vidiots Tune In!!

"Geoff Westen, of Pigs fame, gives us VIDIOTS "Tune In" and it's kinda wonderfully Bowie-Eno-esque. It's a pop production at it's best. Bring on the video! Can't wait to see it! Turn us on!"
Starr Tucker New York Waste

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Geoff Westen – Vidiots Tune In!!

"When Geoff Westen observes, "You don't go out...your eyes turn red from sitting too close to the TV set," he's taking an obvious potshot at an easy target. The picture on the cover of Vidiots Tune In!! also features a man with a TV screen for a head, to further drive the media-saturated point home.

These CD tracks feature programmed keyboards, dance rhythms, and songs that would have fit nicely into MTV's playlist back in the day...I have a soft spot for New Wave music, so much of Vidiots Tune In!! is appealing to me. Westen is obviously a talented and creative musician."
Dan MacIntosh Indie-Music.com

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Geoff Westen – "Vidiots - Tune In"

"I nearly made a big mistake with this album. I'd never heard anything by Geoff Westen before...I persevered and was glad I did. This is a power pop soundtrack to an 80s film that never was - a slightly grittier Top Gun or Miami Vice if you will! I enjoyed 'Vidiots - Tune In'. It works. The stand out tracks for me were 'Angry Young Man', a rant against drunken thugs that reminds me of The Cult (see, told you it was 80s) and 'Don't Stop the Kiss', which is electro ska!"
Dave Inglis – Suspect Device Zine

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Geoff Westen Vidiots Tune In!!

"Okay time for a side trip. How about a flashback to the era of "Weird Science" and weirder hairdos? As a follow up to "The Pigs" Geoff Westen is not content in staying with one type of musical style and with his latest "Vidiots - Tune In" we get a flashback to 1982 via new wave pop. Like a bizarre mix of The Talking Heads and The Cars with Roxy Music as your backing band, Westen has the period down perfectly..."Angry Young Man"...would fit nicely into the dance pop category..."Action Man" is a well-written pop tune about "goin' to a party"...you'll get a good pop tune like "Searching For Love" with a very David Byrne-like vocal. The funky "Friend or Lover" heads into Devo territory and does an excellent job. If your musical taste runs into this nostalgia trip of day-glo colors, Westen will be happy to start your "party out-of-bounds."
Aaron Kupferberg Powerpopaholic

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Geoff Westen's: Vidiots – Tune In!!

"With the echoing cry of 'Wake Up!!' before the opening track, you know you're in for another rude jaunt of retro Power Pop. Geoff Westen's 'Vidiots-Tune IN!!' is the follow-up to 'The Pigs-OINK!'. Once again his unashamed clamor of synths and cheeky catchy rhythm is forced upon us, thrusting geek chic into full throttle. No space for the lethargic here I'm afraid! A remarkable mix has once again been accomplished. Familiar 80s synths and forceful rhythms are once again present, catchy swings and hooks taking over with lustrous production throughout. The sleek blend of keyboards, guitars, vocal harmonies and driving kicks achieve his trademark retro sound with splattering of contemporary quips.

'Don't Stop The Kiss' is another superior disco anthem. This would fit comfy in place on a sleazy pop dancefloor. 'Together' is a deeply dark catchy tune, laid heavy with doomy bass haunts, it's another of the album's multiple focal points. The infectious beats and delightful tones are prevalent here and throughout much of the album. Individual song writing talent combined with quaint multi-instrumentalism display the array of diverse musicianship.

'She's So Young' is a slow lovey-dovey number. This along with 'Searching For Love' embody sweet sentiments that indicate that some of the habitual party time has been preoccupied in favour of romanticising with that special someone. Or just maybe Geoff's going soppy on us!

Fans of Geoff's earlier work will get right in. Overall 'Vidiots - Tune In' has a more haunting, assorted and melodic frame than 'The Pigs - Oink'. A greater degree of maturity blended with darker tones, subtle intricacies and tinges of romanticism. Snatch a copy and shove it down your pants. Powerpop to the fucking max kidders."
Kiran the Killer Glitzine.net

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Geoff Westen
Vidiots – Tune In!!

"All comfy? Ready to tuck in? Snuggle up with this lovely retro rock CD!

Geoff Westen is the man behind the Vidiots project, with the release of his latest eye-catching CD, Tune In!! We already know Westen from his Pigs album (you can read the Corazine review of the album Oink! here). Together with a versatile collective of musicians, Westen creates music that takes you back to those glorious years of the musical eighties. Tune In!! is the proof.

I can't think of a better album opener than "Better Get Started," a cheerful atmosphere created by harmonic beats and punkish vocals. Geoff Westen knows how to appeal to a broad audience, creating multi-layered attractive retro rock songs with an arsenal of different sounds. The electronic samples remind of long lost new wave pop. The synthesizer music is just lovely. "She's So Young" takes a leap into melancholy and nostalgia (just think of the fade out at the end: marvelous). And above all, the song is catchy! This candy definitely is infectious.

Tune In!! also is blessed with "Some of You Girls," song number six on the album, which is a very danceable electro-synth pop rock song. Geoff's new beat sound is heart-warming - the numerous sound effects (instruments, beats, samples, multi-vocals for example noticeable in "Searching For Love") demonstrate his grand soundboard. The lyrics reveal stories about human themes (love and relationship, women, friendship, et cetera).

The melodic song structure and the unrestrained daring of Geoff Westen's retro sound-craft are a delicacy! Tune In!! is another instant feel good album with a lovely nostalgic retro sound."
Hamirubi Corazine

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Geoff Westen
Vidiots – Tune In!!
Rating: 9 out of 10

"The first full length album from 'music scene' casualty/veteran GEOFF WESTEN has seen him rework his undeniable pedigree to stunning effect with a surreal and significant collection that not only mirrors the Spector 'Wall Of Sound' but breaks luscious new ground beyond.

Former studio collaborator of such luminaries as Bowie, Dr John and Iggy Pop, this release is through Westen's own Disturbing Music label.

The record dips and sways from the off. Emulsified rock n'roll just grows and grows out of new wave beginnings as I surrender to the telly addict agoraphobic groove of 'Better Get Started'. Ear-splitting and gaudy, yet all there in essence, the abrupt halt left me with a hole in the head.

The tracks stretch way beyond the scope of the 3 minute pop hit yet drop frequent reminders of the Gallup compiled top 40 charts c.1981 from the safety of their progressive structures. Thus 'She's So Young' spews out anxiety and disbelief in the face of what could only be a crush (surely?), and 'Together' booms with sub-paranoia and waltzer-sized chunks of blurred déjà vu as it crumbles with the acid suck of the vortex. Repetitive beats? It's all centred on the sub-vocal psychosis that gyrates deep near the periphery of this powerful life sentence.

The record breathes heavily and has a thumping heartbeat complete with analogue pulse, but the whistles echo ominously with only a split-second to spare before the breakbeat kicks against the bass Warped, submerged but assertive, 'Some Of You Girls' carves a wild and indelible pattern on your sanity, and emerges from its interlude halfway placing to stand out as the undoubted centrepiece of the record.

Cold-sweat waking nightmare Prozac concerns are sledged out on staccato synth sounds, and the bad-dream qualities hover like a candy floss cloud over the muffled subconscious and all of its ritualistic terror. Paranoia, anxiety, psychosis, in equal measures surrounds the whistle-stop subtlety of the sounds within.

Clap those hands to the quickening certainty of the firework disco light craziness of 'Friend Or Lover' as the brain misfires, all reason long since carried off into the distance by the frequency-defying sonic assault.

Shades of The Human League combine with a healthy fear of the fairer sex for spectacular results. If this is tongue-in-cheek, then the humour is bone-dry. These tunes are a hundred feet tall and they glow in the dark."
Mike Roberts whisperinandhollerin

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Geoff Westen – Vidiots - Tune In!!
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Genre: Wacko Pop

"Hmmmm... let's see... I have been doing this site for over ten years now (it was called The Midwestern Skies first but that's another story) and I have probably written somewhere between 1500 to 2000 reviews... And why do I tell you all this - well, I can tell you that this CD is one of the hardest pieces of plastics to write what it sounds like... I have been thinking and thinking and thinking. One thing is crystal clear though. It's a VERY cool album. So - what does it sound like then? Freekin' hell - I need to give you something... Imagine a mix between Devo, Sparks, Donnie Iris and The Buggles. All spiced with a touch of the label wall of sound. You can add some unpredictable cool nonsense attitude as well. Yepp - I told you it was crystal clear didn't I?"
Pär Winberg Melodic.net

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Geoff Westen – Vidiots Tune In!!
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

"Geoff Westen's fourth album is another tour-de-force in campy eighties pop - awash with lynn drums and high pitched electric piano, mixed with the guitars. It could easily be mistaken for the soundtrack to a John Hughes movie.

A bit of a bi-polar description, really - but the fact is, this is a fantastically well produced album, exciting, and spine-tinglingly nostalgic - not too dancey, not too rocky, but with an overwhelming feeling of pop sensibilities - great songwriting - intelligent production and a genuine affection for the subject matter make this a lot of fun. If you wish you could watch mid-eighties MTV, you'll love it."
Chris Merriman Subba-Cultcha

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Geoff Westen – Vidiots Tune In!!
Rating: 9 out of 10

"T: From what we've heard on the corking opening track, this may well have been Peter Murphy meeting Eno and Byrne, possibly inviting Bowie as special guest.

N: Early electronica with a tight hand on the reins, so as not to let proceedings run away with themselves, but most certainly, the songwriter has a fair reading of David Byrne and a handle on the music that came out in the post New Wave period.

T: "Together" reminds me of an updated Blancmange and the whole album is peppered with pseudo-references and quality compositions that ought to see Westen's status elevated threefold in the watchful eyes of the music industry.

N: It's encouraging that the deeper you proceed into this album, the slicker it becomes. An excellent release, but I must admit to being reminded of Girls Aloud 'Sound Of The Underground' in the early bars of the opening track 'Better Get Started' - yikes!"
Nick James & Tone Atomicduster

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Geoff Westen: Vidiots – TUNE IN!!

"...the music is driving, percussive and hooky: the title track opener ("Better Get Started") is an anthemic rocker with a guitar solo designed for air guitarists...Full of hooks this is a pop/rock album with lyrical intelligence, that is entertaining and surprising - the sort of subversive product that gets you singing along (and) then pondering the lyrics and the lives depicted. Fun!"
Jeremy Keens Ampersand Etcetera

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VIDIOTS "Tune In!!"

"Geoff Westen is back again. Vidiots - Tune In!! starts like a blast from the '80s with "Better Get Started"...(about) the sometimes out of control life of a true Vidiot...and Geoff Westen stays true to his free spirit in the nine other songs, singing the merits of partying and of (living) with a "be and let be" attitude.

The songs breathe (with) new wave and retro electronic sounds as some of the ingrediants of his unique recipe. Nostalgia fans will undoubtedly be seduced by this flattering mix...(But) others should familiarize themselves with this new CD that deserves success way more than for a selected few; in other words, (it's) for ALL who love music that may be slightly out of the norm. We at 6Bears are definitely part of this group!"
Translated from French 6Bears

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VIDIOTS "Tune In!!"

"The compositions were great, really well done."
Noel Hudson – Bebopamoeba

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"I like that a lot! That's one of my favourite songs that anybody has uploaded here." (Referring to the song "Together")
Aqualung – Moderator at KeepMusicAlive.com

"REFRESHING! This album is amazing! Just listening to the songs changes your mood. It has the power of energizing with the sounds and rhythms. It has this 80's sound but with a totally fresh twist. There's nothing like this in the music market nowadays and I think it is worthy for all of you to try something new."
Angela – Amazon.com

"Great Songs! Geoff Westen's latest CD, Vidiots-Tune In!! has some great songs that cover a gamut of human experience. His up tempo tracks are powerful and driving and will get you up on your feet, dancing around the room. I especially like the ballads, "Searching for Love" and "She's So Young." They're very heartfelt accounts of romantic insecurities that we are all prone to feel.
Music Lover – Amazon.com

"This has a cool vibe...a cool and new sound (Very energizing), nice! Kinda 80's yet rocks! Reminds me of Frankie Goes To Hollywood. I see good future on this band!!"
Rock N' Roller – KeepMusicAlive.com

"Nice song and nice voice...like George Michael."
Hard Kiss – KeepMusicAlive.com

"That 'Angry Young Man' song is very sticky!"
Marylet – MySpace

"Cool music, can't wait till some new comes out...sweeeeeeeet."
Adriana Schirokauer

"I really dig your music!"
Kenny Ogungbe

"Wow, I am in awe at your talent! You are amazing at what you do. Keep up the great work!"
Carole Mauger

"I think your music is really GREAT!!!!"
Oliver Driver

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