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LOS ANGELES November 24, 2015—In case you haven't heard the shocking news, a world-weary Santa has resigned from his job and won't be accepting any wish lists this holiday season. He's turned over all North Pole operational responsibilities to his head Elves—they know what to do.

After hundreds of years of doing his bit, Santa's ideal of "Peace on Earth" still only has traction around the holidays. "The world today is a way smarter place then it used to be—yet we still have no clue how to all live together," Santa commented. "What's up with that?!"

He's fed up, and until WE all start working together toward World Peace, he's done! We have it from reliable sources that Santa has hunkered down with his Disturbing friends THE PIGS who help remind us of this dilemma with their disturbing ditty called "I've Got Santa Claus,"—a FREE download when you click on the "download music" link below. Also, check out the video at

The world is going down a slippery slope. Until there is Peace on Earth, Santa and Christmas will never be the same again.

BTW—this website will remain up until we reach our goal. If it isn't this Xmas, then we hope next Xmas will bring us victory in the form of a more peaceful planet.

Wake Up World! No Peace? NO SANTA!


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