Ideas For Peace On Earth

Santa and his Disturbing friends THE PIGS want to come up with a plan for accomplishing World Peace for All, and they need some help from all of you!

"This is where the thinking folks on the planet should come to contribute their thoughts and ideas on what steps we must take to have immediate World Peace," Santa explained.

Head PIG, Geoff Westen comments, "It's time to stop mucking about and take a realistic look at the barriers preventing Peace on Earth and what steps need be taken to get around them. We must make an attempt to get every concerned person involved in devising a solution to these problems. Let us know what YOU think are the main issues or problems to be dealt with to get us to World Peace; and, if you were in charge, what would you do?

"If you feel you're on the outside looking in and don't really have much say in the matter, you're wrong. We are convinced that the best ideas for moving the peace effort forward will come from those on the outside. The best ideas are going to come from ordinary people. Ordinary people with no political agenda—only a desire to live in harmony with their fellow human beings. Help Santa and you'll help the world!"

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PLEASE NOTE: Any and all ideas submitted to this site may be posted and made publically available to peacekeeping and peace-building organizations around the world.

PLEASE NOTE: and Disturbing Music reserve the right NOT TO POST any inappropriate, tasteless or vulgar submissions. ("Let's just blow the f**kers up!" is not an appropriate response.)

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